Space Monkeys and the Galactic King

Why is it that the inspiration and urge to write only strikes when I’m frantically trying to meet other deadlines?

I’m almost done with a massive editing job with a set-in-stone deadline when WHAM! the urge to write hits me like a ton of bricks.   Staying motivated requires a lot of willpower on my part.  I haven’t written much of anything since my mother passed away in late April.  Today it is here in full force.  Maybe the urge came from watching Sharknado last night.  I don’t know, but wherever it came from I hope it hangs around for a while. 

Just to bring you up to speed, my latest book-in-progress, Space Monkeys and the Galactic King, is book one of a kids SyFy series depicting four rebellious teenagers who encounter alien beings when their spaceship crash lands on an uncharted planet.  The teens must save Earth from the evil Galactic King and his space monkey army before something terrible happens.  Space Monkeys and the Galactic King is lighthearted but it also tackles some heavy issues such loneliness, jealousy, friendship, overcoming fear of the unknown, challenging personalities, and testing oneself in an alien environment.  

Writing about enigmatic extraterrestrials is not easy.  Creating a world where the impossible is possible with engaging characters and a compelling plot can be daunting.  Syfy writers must be able to draw readers into a strange but believable world where they can experience extraordinary events that are impossible in real life.  

I think there is a real need for science fiction and fantasy geared towards kids.  When I was younger, Robert introduced me to my first Syfy book.  Since then I would spend hours reading A Wrinkle in Time, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and Have Spacesuit-Will Travel.  Writing Space Monkeys and the Galactic King brings back those fond memories and hopefully will introduce the wonder and excitement of science-fiction and fantasy to a whole new generation.


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