Meet the Author

Who is Karren Bennett?


This is a tricky question to answer as I’m not entirely sure who I am at any given time. My mind and my mood changes on a regular basis so don’t expect consistency. 

Once upon a time I wanted to be a cool gun-toting intergalactic cowgirl with go-go boots. That didn’t work out for me so I entered the wonderful world of computers.

Now I am a fully fledged member of the 50-something generation. 

I hate status quo, coffee, mean people, and taking out the trash.

I love pop culture, road trips, laughing, amazing people, technology, writing, corny jokes, long walks on a beach, and poking dead things with a stick.

I am a pursuer of dreams, cupcakes, and wine.

I happily live with my novelist husband, dancing parrot, quirky dog, and trusty Swiss army knife.

Occasionally, I write books and paint.